How Mary Jane Shoes Got Started

A Comprehensive Guide to How Mary Jane Shoes Got Started

Styles are often recycled from earlier generations, phasing in and out of style. Some styles stick around for a few years after their inception, then permanently fade to black. Certain fashions fade out, only to come back into full swing many years after they were first seen by society. While fashion trends can never be predicted, expected, or reasoned to come back into style in the near or distant futures, some have never went out of style since they were first seen by humanity.

Mary Jane shoes are one of these pieces of fashion, being worn in one capacity or another since they were first produced in 1904. The history of Mary Jane shoes is lengthy and entirely unconventional. In respect to their popularity, however, it doesn’t really matter how they came about — Mary Jane shoes are one of the most popular specific types of footwear in the past 120-plus years.

These shoes got their start from a recurring comic strip in the same Sunday newspapers. The year was 1902. Mr. Richard Felton Outcault worked for the New York Herald, the New York Daily, and several other regular publications in the Empire State. Mr. Outcault was already mildly successful at the time, known for his comedic animations and illustrations. He — it’s notable that his name is often shortened to R. F. Outcault — developed a new comic earlier that April.

Later released for its first issuance on May 4th, 1902, Buster Brown was about a young teenage boy dressed in a powder wig, taken place in the late 18th- and early 19th-century. Buster’s illustrated life included lots of scolding from his Boy Scout troop master, taking care of his adorable pit bull terrier Time, and trying his darndest to court Mary Jane, an adolescent female about the same age as Buster.

Buster Brown went on to run until 1921 — more than a decade after Brand House Direct Mary Jane Shoes came about — earning a spot in every single Sunday newspaper published by both the New York Daily and the New York Herald. Mr. Outcault knew he had created a successful weekly comedic piece after he received tons of praise from fans, interested advertisers, and larger publishing companies. It was in 1904, just two short years after Buster Brown, Mary Jane alongside her soon-to-be Mary Jane shoes, and their dog Tige began sharing their personal life experiences — fictional, albeit — with United States citizens, that the father of modern comic strips thought he could profit from selling rights to Buster, Mary Jane, and Tige.

The then-successful professional comic-slash-artist took his publishing rights to Buster Brown to that year’s World’s Fair. Many businesses were sold the rights to advertise using Buster’s and Mary Jane’s likenesses, along with the rest of the popular comic’s likeness — don’t forget Mary Jane shoes, as well.

Brown Shoe Company gained more from the comic strip’s rights than any other entity. They began selling Mary Jane shoes. The rest is history.

Why Work Boots Are Important

5 Reasons Why Work Boots Are Important

If you work outdoors a lot or in an environment with a lot of construction, your job will almost always require you to wear a set of steel toe work boots. A lot of times people question this and wonder “Is this really necessary?”. Yes, actually it is, and here is why.

1. Work boots look more professional.
Think about it, if someone was doing repairs or construction on your house and you saw them wearing sneakers, you would probably wonder if they knew what they were doing or if they were even taking the work seriously. Wearing work boots instead of regular shoes show that you are prepared for the job and that you know what you’re doing.

2. Work boots are very comfortable.
Boots are specifically built to endure a long work day and provide support and comfort that regular shoes cannot. Standing up and working all day can really take a toll on your feet, so you will need the right shoes for the job to make your job easier.

3. Work boots are waterproof.
Having waterproof shoes is essential for most jobs. Because of the thick material and leather that work boots are made of, they are 100% waterproof, which protects your feet from being exposed to water soaked shoes and causes less friction to reduce the chances of getting blisters.

4. Work boots are more durable.
These boots are designed to wear and tear which means they are able to withstand more intense conditions. The shoes are made to walk over debris, rocks, dirt and other construction materials and will not wear out anytime soon. They may seem a bit on the pricey side, but always remember you get what you pay for, so investing in good quality work boots is well worth it.

5. Work boots provide protection.
The most important factor with these shoes is the protection. You can’t beat the protection steel-toed boots have. They protect from heavy falling objects, debris, stepping on sharp objects, and in an outdoor environment with tall grass, they can even help protect from snake bites.

Work boots are not only more useful than regular shoes, but they also are a great style choice that represents the working class. Your boots are a reflection of who you are, so make sure you are taking care of them with regular cleaning and conditioning to make them last for decades. Always take pride in your hard work and make sure you have the right tools and gear to ensure the safety of you and your crew.

Hiring a Topless Waiter

How to Hire a Topless Waiter in Melbourne

When you hire a topless waiter Melbourne parties instantly become more popular. Guests would much rather mingle with a bare-chested waiter with killer abs than one with all of his clothes on.

Hiring a topless waiter in Melbourne requires some planning, however.

What’s the Occasion?
A hen’s party is perhaps the top reason to opt for a topless waiter in Melbourne through  However, any time there are going to be a large number of people attracted to men, it’s a good idea to get one.

You should let the company know at the time of booking what the occasion is, too. This will make it easier for your topless waiter in Melbourne to prepare for the festivities.

How Many Do You Need?
When you book a topless waiter Melbourne parties generally need more than what you would initially expect. If you thought you needed three waiters to handle serving cocktails and food, then plan on booking four or five. This is because they are going to serve as the entertainment, as well.

Some people might stop a topless waiter in Melbourne for photos. Others might stop one to flirt. You never know how many times they are going to get stopped in the middle of doing their job, so you need to be prepared for it.

Book in Advance
With Topless Waiters Melbourne Bare Nights parties become more fabulous. As you can probably imagine, the topless waiters are extremely popular and therefore they book quickly.

The moment you have party details, you should call to book your wait staff. This way, you don’t experience disappointment when you want to have a topless waiter Melbourne guests can flock to.

It’s not hard to hire the topless waiters, but you should do some planning to make sure that your party goes as expected.